Diploma in Clinical Supervision

1 Year 

Commencing Friday 19th February 2016

Pre-Course Requirements

The applicant should usually possess the following:

  • A relevant qualification with an accrediting body: either UKCP Registered Psychotherapist or BACP Registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist  or demonstrable equivalent training
  • Two years post-qualification experience

The supervision course is designed to build on skills and experience already developed by students prior to attending this course. It emphasises the ability to hold an overview of processes and people such that they can be helped to fulfil their role and task more effectively. The course is taught using both didactic and experiential methods, and emphasises the shared knowledge and experience of all participants.

Course Structure

The programme runs from February to July and is organised in six 3-day modules. Please click here for our Training Dates

Course Content

The supervisory relationship, models of supervision, development issues, supervision in a variety of contexts, different learning styles, types of interventions in supervision, the use of audio-visual equipment in interpersonal process recall, transference, countertransference and parallel process, multicultural and diversity issues, professional and ethical issues including the processing of complaints.


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MSc in Clinical Supervision

3 Years - Recruitment Suspended

The programme is studied over three years, including a Post Graduate Certificate Stage, a Post Graduate Diploma Stage and an Independent Studies Stage. 

The programme is divided into study units referred to as modules and each module consists of two workshops.  Modules are comprised of formal training and student self-directed learning.

Pre-Course Requirements

  • A degree, or approximately equivalent professional qualification and experience, in a related field.
  • A supervisory role within the helping professions on evidence that such role may be pursued.

For Years 1, 2 & 3:

  • There are 26 training days a year divided into 8 workshops: 2 workshops each of 4 days duration at the beginning and the end of each training year.  The remaining 6 workshops are each of three-day duration.
  • The idea is to allow for in-depth study with sufficient space between workshops to allow for the assimilation of the experience, both content and process.
  • This modular structure provides a clear sense of progression, sequence and development that is in accord with the personal and professional development of a psychotherapist from relative beginner, through intermediate phases, to competent practitioner.

Each module (years 1-2) provides an average of 45.5 contact hours with a course tutor. In order to integrate theory with clinical supervision practice a high degree of student effort is required: several hours’ self-directed study, including course work preparation and reading, for each module, plus parallel clinical obligations.

Students are required to make entries in their Personal Learning Journal.  This will accumulate in a formative way towards the writing of the Personal Development Profile that forms part of the assessment assignment for the last module of each year (years 1-2). 


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