Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute & Staffordshire University

Who is responsible and for what 

This document is provided to support you in your understanding as to the roles and responsibilities of SPTI and Staffordshire University, our awarding body. Simply put, both institutions have a responsibility to ensure the journey from initial enquiry to completion of your course is accurately described, taught to a high standard and that quality is maintained throughout.  Listed below are the main areas which directly impact upon you and your studies. 

Information about your course 

Whether referring to information available on the website or in documents (hard or soft copies), the information must be prepared in line with the UK Competition and Markets Authority and Staffordshire University guidelines.  Once drafted, this information is sent to Staffordshire University for approval by subject and quality experts. Upon approval, SPTI can then release the information into the public domain and make it available to you. 

Content of and further information relating to your course is provided within the Student and Course Handbook and in addition to the guidelines noted above, those provided by the professional bodies (BACP & UKCP) are followed. 

   Responsibility of: 

Description SPTI Staffordshire University Both 
Development and production of recruitment information either hard copy or on the website  √   
Approval of recruitment information before release into the public domain  √  
Compliance with the UK Competition and Markets Authority in relation to accuracy of information provided to applicants and students about their course including content, fees and other costs      √ 
Compliance with accuracy of Professional Body (BACP, UKCP) requirements   √ 
Production and approval of Student and Course Handbooks   √ 

Information about you 

From enquiry through to enrolment and completion, we collect, hold and share information about you; more specific detail can be found within our Privacy Notice.  However, for the purposes of this document, we are required to collect and maintain information about you, the qualifications and experience you gained before joining the course and to monitor how you are progressing through the course.  Students are required to enrol with SPTI and register with Staffordshire University. 

Description SPTI Staffordshire University Both 
Compliance with General Data Protection Regulations    √ 
Student selection and recruitment √   
Student enrolment √   
Student registration  √  
Verification of entry standards and criteria  √  
Data reporting (HESA, NSS, Unistats, etc) √   
Monitoring of attendance √   
Monitoring of student performance   √ 
Administration and processing of assessment results   √ 

Quality and Standards 

Maintaining the quality and standards of the materials and training on your course is essential to ensure you are fully equipped and professionally trained when you complete.  Throughout training, you will be provided with information about the subject and signposted to the regulations and policies which support the training, including how your grades will be calculated and accumulate to achieving your final award classification. For much of these areas, SPTI and Staffordshire University work together to ensure your learning experience is excellent. 

Your learning journey is not only monitored by SPTI and Staffordshire University but is confirmed to be equitable and comparable with that of other courses at the same level, delivered by other teaching institutions, including universities. 

Description SPTI Staffordshire University Both 
Production of teaching materials √    
Appointment and approval of teaching staff   √ 
Writing and approval of assessments   √ 
Marking and other assessment activities   √ 
Gather and address feedback on the course, modules and SPTI √    
Meeting with Student Representatives   √ 
Administering and attending the award board where student grades are ratified   √ 
SPTI policies and regulations √    
Staffordshire University policies and regulations   √ 
First point of contact for complaints, ethics queries, dual relationships and clinical queries √   
Process for academic misconduct, appeals and academic complaints   √ 
Appointment of External Examiners  √  
Issue of Transcripts and Certificates (including a Clinical Transcript and an Academic Transcript)   √ 
Overall quality and monitoring of the courses   √