Deborah A. Lee

Graduate: MSc Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy (2014)

Step In To Study Counselling And Psychotherapy (4th Edition)

Written with Pete Sanders. PCCS Books (2022)

This fourth, updated and revised edition of this bestselling classic offers essential guidance to student counsellors and psychotherapists starting out on their training. Most books about training focus on the training; this book is about you, the trainee and student, and your needs. Written by two highly experienced trainers/lecturers, Step in to Study Counselling and Psychotherapy will be your friend and guide across this new terrain. An array of voices from the world of counselling and psychotherapy training also contribute their expertise on the topics discussed. Training in counselling and psychotherapy demands much of the trainee in terms of what you give of yourself to the process, as well as the academic and practice skills required to successfully complete the course. This book will help you choose your course and where to study, fund it, manage your relationships with fellow trainees and teaching staff, prepare for and write/deliver your assignments, negotiate placements and follow your learning through into continuing professional development. It also covers clinical supervision, personal therapy, experiential learning and self-care, and – as a one-stop resource – it provides useful links to other sources of information and support.

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#MeToo – Counsellors And Psychotherapists Speak About Sexual Violence And Abuse

Edited By Deborah A. Lee and Emma Palmer, (2022) Routledge, New York

“In 2017 the global #MeToo movement burst through the conspiracy of silence around women’s experience of sexual abuse and violence. Since then, other groups have found the courage to declare that they too have experienced sexual abuse and are unafraid and unashamed to let it be known. Now this ground-breaking book provides a space where counsellors and psychotherapists – more often the listeners to such stories – can tell their own stories, sometimes for the first time.

Each chapter is written by a counsellor, psychotherapist or therapy client, and followed up with a dialogue between writer and peer. Together they form a community of #TherapistsToo voices, brought together in the hope that readers both within and beyond the counselling and psychotherapy realm will feel less alone and more connected. This is a book for anyone wanting to understand the ubiquity of sexual violence and sexual abuse and how to respond, support, raise awareness, campaign and be part of creating a culture which says #TimesUp.”

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Jayne Pigford

Graduate: MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy (2003)

Rocking with the Reaper: An Unplanned Journey into Mindfulness

With poems by Aurthur Downs.

Are we moulded by our genes or experiences?
What makes us think and behave in the ways we do?
Is ‘the way it is’ inevitable or could we create a better world?

Jayne Pigford invites us to join her in an exploration of the human condition; do we, as she experienced on her death-bed, have a loving, peaceful core? Sharing her personal experience of severe illness, close dances with death, childlessness, a repeatedly broken heart and her professional learning from attachment theory, positive psychology and neuroscience, Jayne reveals how we’re ‘wired to connect’ and act kindly.

Amidst the world’s current chaos, with the arrival of the Coronavirus at the end of the book, Jayne argues that connection is our way through to a better place; connection to ourselves, our miraculous world and each other. Ultimately this book gives us hope for humanity and through Jayne’s own brand of humour, makes a friend of dastardly Death along the way!

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Katy Lees

Graduate: MSc Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy (2012)

The Trans Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Jessica Kingsley Books (2022)

This empowering self-help guide provides advice and strategies for trans and/or non-binary people on a range of common mental health issues including anxiety, depression, body image, trauma, suicidal thoughts and dissociation. It provides advice on neutralising negative thoughts, coping with transphobia, coming out, dealing with imposter syndrome, and implementing achievable self-care strategies and mindfulness techniques.

Whether you are in a crisis or just looking for ways to improve your life, this reassuring guide is there for you to use in the way that helps you the most, regardless of where you are in your transition, or if you decide not to transition in conventional ways. Combining therapeutic expertise alongside first-hand experience, the book also highlights the importance of understanding and being proud of who you are, to help you live life to the fullest.

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