A Humanistic and Integrative Approach to Working with Young People (11-18)

A five-day programme usually delivered each Spring and Autumn. Dates tbc.

Fees: £320 (Current SPTI students/ graduate members), £350 (Non-SPTI members)

For more information about this training, please contact: collette.colver@spti.net

About the training:

This highly interactive and experiential workshop focuses primarily on the differences between working with adults and working with young people, helping you make the necessary cognitive and emotional adjustments between working with these two very different client groups.  It is constructed on the very clear evidence-based competences that the BACP have identified and is designed to complement and extend the training offered in courses aimed at working with adults.

“…I thoroughly enjoyed the experiential exercises… huge amounts of knowledge.”

“It was experiential… delivered wonderfully, gently, safely and honestly”.

Minimum entry requirements:

  • Current BACP or UKCP Student Members (who have successfully completed all elements of year 1 of their respective training courses at level 4 or above)
  • Graduates who have completed a BACP or UKCP diploma level counselling / psychotherapy qualification or equivalent, designed for working with adults

Learning outcomes relating to working with young people aged 11-18:  

  • Understanding of the social, emotional and psychological development of young people  
  • Understanding issues affecting the psychological and emotional health of young people  
  • Knowledge of relevant legal frameworks, including confidentiality, consent and capacity, child protection and disclosure, and risk assessment  
  • Ability to operate within the relevant professional and ethical guidelines  
  • Ability to work in different contexts/settings  
  • Ability to communicate with young people of different ages and developmental stages

Please note: this course does not qualify you with BACP or UKCP to work with children and young people. However, it can provide a valuable resource for working with young people, aged 11-18, in placement or as professional development beyond training.