The Personal

When you look back on your life, will you be contented and proud, able to say that you lived life to the full? That you freed yourself from old patterns of living to reach the freedom of living in the present? That you fulfilled your potential?

And that you helped others to do the same?

These are some of the main reasons people train in Counselling and Psychotherapy. This is one of the reasons we at SPTI are proud of what we offer.

Our courses are based on supporting our students to fulfil their potential in all these areas, releasing energy tied up in old patterns so that it’s available to use now. Through this our students can fulfil their fullest range of possibilities.

The Professional

SPTI is greatly respected at home and internationally. Students from all round the UK and from the EU complete their registration with us.

As a registering member of the UKCP, with a variety of psychotherapy Masters awards and with a course accredited by the BACP, we offer the best combination of professional qualifications available. Our Postgraduate programmes lead to professional registration with UKCP and graduates may also apply for accreditation with BACP.  Our BSc programme is an accredited BACP course and graduates can go forward to accredit with this professional body. 

The Academic

SPTI has an excellent reputation for counselling, psychotherapy and supervision training. Our Postgraduate and Undergraduate programmes have been university validated since their inception in 1995 and 2009 respectively. Our Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses are awarded by Staffordshire University

The Relational

Our desire for true relationship – to be truly known and to truly know others – is often lost in the busyness of everyday life.

Our approaches to psychotherapy and counselling are based on our students achieving both self-knowledge and the ability to form and to maintain high quality relationships – to achieve awareness, intimacy, spontaneity and autonomy.

Our pass rates are exceptional, largely due to the quality of the trainers we employ and to the level of support we offer our students.  Each group has a primary trainer who knows our students well, and a wide range of other trainers internationally renowned in their field. We aim to provide the ideal combination of stability and variety in order to maximise the learning experience.