Deputy Programme Leader, Tutors & Research Supervisor/Tutor

We are a diverse team of practitioners, looking to increase this diversity with colleagues who are passionately committed to Person-Centred and Experiential philosophies, theories, research, and practice. If you consider yourself to be an enthusiastic, innovative, and creative practitioner and are looking to advance your professional portfolio then one of the following exciting opportunities may be for you.

  • Deputy Programme Leader, MSc Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy
  • Year 1 and 2 Tutor, MSc Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy
  • Research Supervisor/Tutor, MSc Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy

Deputy Programme Leader

As Deputy Programme Leader, you will work closely with the Programme Leader, tutor team and administrative staff to ensure all aspects of the MSc Person-centred and Experiential Psychotherapy are successfully managed, implemented, assessed, and enhanced. This includes responsibilities in areas such as Programme Management, Quality Assurance and Student Experience including training delivery, curriculum development and assessment. This role is well suited to a self-motivated, relatable, strategic thinker who is looking to be involved in maintaining, delivering, and developing training standards based within a collaborative, learner-centred approach.

This post is offered on a part-time, employed basis.

Year 1 and 2 Tutor

As a tutor involved in the first two years of the Programme you will be facilitating learning which promotes students’ personal, academic and professional development. Leading workshops, assessing module assignments, determining readiness to practice and ongoing fitness/competence are key to this post which will likely appeal to someone who wishes to play a central role in supporting students’ success whilst promoting high standards within a collaborative learning environment.

This is a part-time, self-employed post.

Research Supervisor/Tutor

As a research supervisor/tutor you will primarily be working with students in the final phases of training, facilitating the development and undertaking of ethically grounded small-scale research and case study research projects. Key components of this role include leading workshops, providing individual and/or small group research supervision, assessing project viability and module assignments together with determining ethical approval of projects. This post will likely attract a person-centred practitioner who wishes to be part of a collaborative learning environment in which their knowledge and expertise will contribute to the advancement of research within the person-centred and experiential psychotherapy field.

This is a part-time, self-employed post.

For further information about the roles, please ref er to the job descriptions/specifications. Should you require further details or would like to discuss any of the roles informally to support application please contact and we will arrange for you to speak with a relevant member of the team.

How to apply: please complete and return the application form to

Closing date: Friday 15th July 2022

Please note: if you are interested in the tutor and/or research supervisor/tutor role/s but do not meet all the eligibility criteria, please contact us to explore the possibility of becoming a trainee tutor/research supervisor. We offer comprehensive packages that provide the opportunity to enhance your person-centred practice by developing each of the key components essential to roles.

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